Pro220A Advanced AC Filtered CATV Tone and Probe Kit

Designed Specifically for Cable TV Use

The Pro220A Advanced AC Filtered CATV Tone and Probe ID Kit incorporates features specifically for the cable TV industry.  First, the tone generator uses both male and female F connectors for easy interface with CATV cabling.  Second, both the Pro110A Tone Generator and Pro210F AC Filter Probe utilize AA batteries, which are commonly available at any CATV facility and provide 250+ hours of operation.  Third, the Pro210F probe is highly advanced, with AC filtering technology to reduce interior AC noise interference and buzz.  In addition, the Pro210F has a high powered LED headlight for dark areas.  And standby features like headset jack, low battery light, and volume control are all included. The Pro210F AC Filtered Tone Probe includes:
  • AA Battery Power (4) for 250+ Hours of Operation.
  • Bright Automatic LED Headlight/Flashlight.
  • Single-button control with a comfortable, tactile feel.
  • AC Noise Filter Reduction design allows use in high interference areas.
  • Headset Jack.
  • High sensitivity side-mounted volume control.
  • Metal/Plastic Combination Tip to Give Maximum Response but Still Protect Sensitive Hardware.
The Pro110A CATV Tone Generator includes:
  • LED Transmit On Light.
  • Short circuit test with visible and audible indicators
  • Male or Female Coax F, RJ11 or Alligator Clip Connection
  • AA Battery Power (4) for 250+ hours of operation.
  • Self-piercing Telco Clips
Zippered carrying case included.