Pro220K™ Advanced AC Filtered Tone and Probe Kit

LED Headlight, AA Battery Power, AC Noise Rejection Filter

Cutting edge technology including;
  • LED Probe Headlight for Dark Areas.
  • AC Noise Rejection Filter to Greatly Reduce Buzzing and Humming from Electrical Sources.
  • Metal/Plastic Combination Tip to Give Maximum Response but Still Protect Sensitive Hardware.
  • AA Battery Power Lasts for 250+ Hours of Operation.
The Pro220K™ Advanced AC Filtered Tone and Probe kit is designed to help contractors easily identify the termination point of any wire. The Pro220K™ Advanced Tone and Probe Kit pinpoints where a particular wire or cable terminates at the far end of the cable.

How Does the Pro220K™ Advanced AC Filtered Tone and Probe Kit Work?

  • The tone generator Model Pro110™ is connected to a wire at one end using the attached alligator clips or RJ11 plug and activated.
  • The tone probe Model Pro210F™ Advanced Filter Tone Probe is then taken to the other end of the wire, activated and used to locate the beep-beep-beep signal of the Pro110™.
  • The wire making the loudest signal is the one connected to the tone generator, and therefore that particular wire’s termination point is identified.