Pro95™ Advanced True RMS Milliamp Clamp Meter

2-Wire Troubleshooting at its Finest

The Armada Technologies Pro95™ True RMS milliamp clamp meter is the ultimate milliamp clamp meter for 2-wire irrigation system troubleshooting and diagnostics. Armada is the largest maker of test equipment devoted to the irrigation and sprinkler marketplace and as such, you’d expect nothing but the best in leading-edge meters. The Pro95™ is that meter. The Pro95™ features True RMS technology, making it always more accurate than an averaging meter (most meters are averaging). The Pro95™ is also extremely fine in its resolution, able to measure to 1/1000th of a milliamp. We’ve added a high resistance capability, with resistance measurements up to 600kOhms. For convenience, the Pro95™ is auto-ranging, so a user doesn’t need to guess at what level to select a range of values to be sensitive to. The Pro95™ comes with test leads, a zippered carrying case, and AAA batteries included.